How to go Green When Moving to Greenwich

how-to-go-green-when-moving-to-greenwichMoving home involves a lot of things, but one thing you may not have thought about is that it can affect the environment. Yes, many of the things you do and use during a move are actually pollutants which you should strive to stay away from. When you turn your next move towards Greenwich, you want to be as green as possible, so that you do not bring in any dangerous waste to the land where Greenwich Park and the National Maritime Museum reside. And here is what you should do:


With downsizing you can take away lots of the things which you never use. Go through all of your rooms and all of your possessions and de-clutter as much as you can. Ask yourself, do you really need this? And ‘need’ is the keyword. You will be undergoing a house removal anyway, do you really ‘want’ something that will take you even more time spent in packing and more resources spent for the move, and at the end of the day you may not even use? Be realistic and be ruthless with your possessions so that you have the least to move and the least to pollute with.

Pick the Proper Packing Materials

And you also have all the packing supplies you will be using for the move. Here you need to be more picky as well. Only take items that are recyclable. Moving companies offer a great variety of cardboard boxes specially designed for a move, and then excellent for recycling and reusing them once again. If you don’t want to pay for special supplies, then at least stick to paper, plastic and wooden objects for the containers, and also do remember to recycle them after you arrive in Greenwich. Never throw them away in the nearest rubbish bin – that is a sure trip to the landfill where they will do much more harm than good.

Pick the Shortest Routes

Many times the trick is in the driving. When you move to Greenwich, you can familiarise yourself with the road map and then the Greenwich map as well and pick all the good roads. And by ‘good’ we mean roads that are short and take you right to where you want to be without any detours or waiting. This means less fuel waste, less air pollution, and overall less wasted energy. If you are not a driver, then at least pick the bus, train, or tube line that takes the most direct route to your new location.

Pick the Best Moving Company

A lot of times the man and van company is also a big problem when it comes to pollution. A good moving company will know where to navigate the moving van Greenwich and will do all of the above without any need to be prompted to. They will handle the road the right way, they will do the packing if necessary, and if you strike gold, they might even take the old packing materials for recycling themselves. Sometimes it’s all in the help you get.

Moving house to Greenwich does not have to be a wasteful event or one that pollutes the environment. You can complete the relocation process the eco-friendly way. It only needs some planning and preparation. And if you follow these guidelines, then the move will be the greenest one you will have done yet. Now start organising and remember to be green!